This competition is the first annual Viktor Nilsen Architecture Ideas Competition, established in the frame of the Mariupol City Urban Development program.
Currently Mariupol is a magnet for new opportunities on the map of Ukraine. We are building a remarkable future of the city by the sea. Mariupol is famous for its notable industrial and maritime potential. The city has won the fame of Ukraine's outpost, the city of changes, large-scale reconstruction, pilot projects and European level festivals. Behind it all lies its rich history, traditions and architecture.

This is exactly why our international ideas competition is dedicated to the famous and legendary architect of Mariupol - Viktor Nilsen.

It is not an easy task for you to propose a project that will change the "face" of the historical square of Mariupol. Nowadays it is called Vyzvolennia Square. This is a historical heart of our more than over 240 years old city. Earlier the site was a market place. Today we want to revive it and at the same time to append new bright colours into its present.

Let's write a new history of Mariupol together and make the city inspirational and outstanding. Mariupol is the city worth living and being happy.

Sincerely, Mariupol City Mayor


Viktor Nilsen (1871-1949) — architect.
Was born in a pastor family with Danish and German origins.
Viktor graduated from the Institute of Civil Engineers in St. Petersburg.
He was invited by the Mariupol administration as the City Architect in 1900.

The most meaningful projects of Viktor Nilsen:
Competition site
The site is situated in the central and the most populous district of Mariupol called Tsentralnyi (Central). The district represents the Old Mariupol, its historical core. Tsentralnyi district is defined by the coast of the Sea of Azov, Kalmius river to the east, Shevchenko Boulevard on the north and Metalurhiv Avenue to the west.

The peculiarity of the competition site lies in its historical significance and unique ability to boost further sustainable development of the site as one of the epicenters of the City Strategy 2021 implementation.

The competition site consists of the section of the Mira Avenue between the intersections with Torgova and Zemska Streets, Vyzvolennia Square with the Cossacks Park and the DASU building with the adjacent territory located at Mira Avenue, 1.

The competition site consists of three parts:
part 1 – section of the Mira Avenue between the intersections with Torgova and Zemska Streets
part 2 – Vyzvolennia Square together with the Cossacks Park
part 3 – DASU building with the adjacent territory
To determine the best ideas and authors of the subsequent project for the landscaping of the Vyzvolennia Square, the revitalization of the DASU building and the adjacent area; to boost further sustainable development of the site as one of the epicenters of the City Strategy 2021 implementation.

*DASU – Defense Assistance Society of Ukraine.The voluntary organization was originally founded in 1923 and served for the defense promotion.
1. To reconfigure a part of Mira Avenue between the intersections with Zemska and Torgova Streets into a pedestrian zone with the possibility of the further usage of the project proposal for the whole Mira Avenue. Consequently, to turn it into a pedestrian area and provide transport traffic proposals on the site.

To convert the competition site into a pedestrian public space.
Project proposals are required to guarantee:
  • A year-round functioning of the competition site as a venue for regular fairs and recreation.
  • Publicity, pedestrianity, barrier-freeness and comfort of the site for low-mobility groups and persons with disabilities.
Project proposals has to provide the landscape solutions in terms of:
  • gardening
  • paving
  • lighting
  • public furniture (benches, trash bins etc.)
The use of sustainable energy-efficient techniques and materials is appreciated.

The competitors are encouraged to:
  • Provide ideas of mobile market stalls (for the period of fairs on the Vyzvolennia Square).
  • Consider the feasibility of the preservation of:
- old tram tracks and paving on the Vyzvolennia Square;
- lawn on the territory of Kozatsky Park in the mode of its year-round functioning as a public space and a fair that entails a crowd of people;
  • To envisage a monument dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Cossacks on the territory of Kozatsky Park (to leave the existing monument or to design a new one).
  • To get rid of existing retaining walls of the Kozatsky Park (part 2 of the competition site)
  • To propose the public community functions for the ground floors of the surrounding buildings.
3. To reclassify the DASU building into a City Community Center
  • To provide proposals of the sustainable façades cladding of the DASU building
  • To ensure the barrier-free accessibility of the building inside and outside (the entrance, adjacent area).
The competition is held as an open international architectural ideas competition.
The competition is organized as an anonymous and one-stage.
There is no fee for the participation in the competition.
The languages of the competition are English and Ukrainian, both enjoying equal status. However, in case of discrepancy between the English and the Ukrainian version the English version is binding.
The competition materials must be submitted in English only.
May 01, 2020
May 01, 2020
Competition launch
August 07, 2020
August 07, 2020
Submission of competition materials
September 25, 2020
September 25, 2020
Jury meeting
September 26, 2020
September 26, 2020
Competition results announcement
Vadim Boichenko
Mariupol City Mayor
Mariupol City Mayor since 2015. In 2001 he graduated from Priazov State Technical University, 'Transport Management' speciality, in 2015 - from Donetsk National University, 'Business Administration' speciality, Master of Business Administration. Mayor has got an additional education: INSEAD French Business School 'Strategic Transition Program' , The Aspen Institute (Kyiv) 'Responsible Leadership', Mayor's School. From 1995 till 2015 he was working at such industrial enterprises as Azovstal' Iron and Steel Works OJSC, Metinvest Holding' LTD, and 'Mariupol Illyich Iron and Steel Works' PJSC.
Vitalii Viazovskyi
Architect, Head of the Donetsk Regional Organization of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine
Head of the Donetsk Regional Organization of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Lecturer of the Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, winner of national and international architectural competitions.
Mikael Colville-Andersen
Urban Designer and host of the urbanism series "The Life-Sized City"
An urban designer, author and a leading global voice in urbanism. He has worked in over 100 cities around the world, advising about how to design - and embrace - bicycle and pedestrian friendly streets in order to improve urban life. He is known for his pioneering philosophies about simplifying urban planning and how cities and towns should be designed instead of engineered. Mikael is the host of the urbanism documentary series The Life-Sized City and in his keynote he will inspire with examples from around the world about how cities and citizens are the key to tackling climate change through design thinking in this, the Age of Urbanism.
Monika Konrad
Architect, Urban planner, Head of Municipal Office of Town Planning and Development Strategy in the City of Warsaw
An architect and urban planner, she gained professional background in studios like OMA and Claus en Kaan Architecten in the Netherlands and in Moscow as a project director at consulting company Strelka KB. She graduated from Faculty of Architecture at the Poznań University of Technology and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Monika is an author of numerous urban standards and strategic projects on a citywide scale and a designer of urban and architectural projects. Currently, she holds the position of the Director of Municipal Office of Town Planning and Development Strategy in the City of Warsaw.
Peter Veenstra
Landscape architect and co-founder of LOLA Landscape Architects
A landscape architect and co-founder of LOLA Landscape Architects. He leads many international competition projects and design researches and is active as a guest lecturer, advisor on spatial planning and supervisor. In design projects, he strives to turn innovative ideas into simple achievable designs. Freedom in movement and use, clear form and strong atmosphere are always the starting point, in both the metropolitan environment and open nature. Exam­ples are the design for Adidas World Campus, forest and sports park Shenzhen, the Dome of Plants in Cape Town and Star Maze park in Tytsjerk. In 2013 he received the Rotterdam Maaskant Prize for young architects and in 2014 the TOPOS landscape award.
Stavros Gargaretas
Project Leader/ Architect, MVRDV, Rotterdam
Was born and raised in Athens [1985] but quickly moved to the UK and then the Netherlands to receive his architectural training. He completed his studies at The Why Factory in TU Delft In 2014, where he received the best graduating prize for his research 'Inhabiting Zero Wasted Space' under the supervision of Prof. Winy Maas. After his studies he worked at the Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in Rotterdam before joining MVRDV In 2015. At MVRDV he has been leading projects of different scales and phases in various cultural contexts including Thailand, India, Indonesia, Albania, Abu Dhabi and the Netherlands. Since 2014, he has been teaching and researching with The Why Factory at TU Delft.
Theo Hauben
Architect / partner diederendirrix architecture & urbanism, Eindhoven & Rotterdam
Is partner at diederendirrix architects. Approximately 35 architects and technical designers work at the locations in Eindhoven and Rotterdam to (re)design and realize buildings and urban plans. The urban context in the Netherlands has been the studio's field of activity for thirty-five years and the portfolio consists of special living environments and pleasant meeting places for kids, youngsters, adults and elderly. The restructuring of urban areas and the careful renovation and transformation of old buildings is a specialty of diederendirrix. Immediately after his studies, Theo co-founded the architectural firm Urban Affairs and was active as a guest tutor at various educational institutions. He was a board member of the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam and ArchiNed. He is involved in CANactions since 2008. Theo's focus is at the forefront of the design process, where the research question itself is often the subject of architectural or urban planning research. His work area is at the interface of market, government and knowledge. Theo studied at Eindhoven University of Technology.
Architects, landscape architects and urban planners from around the world are invited to contribute to the Open international architectural ideas competition for the landscaping of the Vyzvolennia square and the revitalization of the DASU building with the adjacent territory in Mariupol, Ukraine
A total prize fund is 300 000,00 UAH

1st prize: 150 000,00 UAH
2nd prize: 100 000,00 UAH
3rd prize: 50 000,00 UAH
Requirements for Submitting Competition Materials
The competition materials must be submitted in English only.

To ensure anonymity, each competitor must choose an alphanumeric code composed of three letters and three numbers XXX000, where XXX –capital letters, 000-numbers. The code must be placed on an identification label 1x6 cm (HxW) in Arial font, in characters 10 mm in height; the label is to be placed in the upper right corner of the presentation board.

All drawings must be executed in metric units.

It is prohibited to place any text or insignia/marks which could be used to identify the author(s) on any of the documents constituting a competition materials, except for the declaration of authorship. The competition materials do not have to contain hyperlinks, including QR-codes.

Competition materials must be submitted to the in the following set:
    Presentation board
    Has to be submitted in PDF format, 300 dpi, (CMYK). The presentation board has to be designed according to the template (see Brief App.#3)
    A 841*2378mm (max 50mb)
    B 4 А3 format boards, submitted as the single PDF document (max 20mb)
    Each А3 format board must contain an alphanumeric code in upper right corner of the presentation board.

    General layout, 1:500
    Schemes/visualizations, DASU building drawings, 1:500
    Explanatory notes
    It is a summary of the main idea of the project concept according to the objectives and recommendations of the competition in English. It should be submitted on sheets of A4 paper in PDF and DOC formats (both PDF and DOC files has to be submitted as the single archive file), in print – Arial, size – 12, interval – 1.15.
    The number of pages of the text shall not exceed 2 (two) pages.
    Each page of the explanatory notes has to be marked with an alphanumeric code in the upper right corner.

    Declaration of authorship
    The declaration of authorship must be filled and signed by the author or authors.
    The competitor has no right to change the form of the declaration of authorship. If the number of rows is not sufficient, the competitor must use the additional declaration form and submit all the completed forms together.
    The declaration must be uploaded in PDF format in the application form.
    Contact us
    Competition coordinator Olena Kozakova