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Every time
a new challenge
Interview with Günter Katherl

Every time a new challenge
Interview with Günter Katherl
Günter Katherl is Partner of Caramel Architekten founded in 1991 in Vienna, Austria. Before the lecture in the frame of CANactions Public Program, he shared his thoughts on what are the main principles and approaches of the bureau's work.
CANactions: The motto of Caramel Architekten is "For each project anew". Does it mean that you do not use a particular approach to all projects in your practice?

Günter Katherl: All our projects and results are very different, so it is not like going step by step from one to the next project but always to start from the very beginning that really means with nothing and at a zero point.

What words would you choose to describe your work?

One journalist once wrote about us: "Whether plastic bag our hospital, the approach of this team while developing is always the same and the fun while working obviously too - you can see that on the results!" There is nothing to add.

What is the reason for the special attention of your office in the private housing design?

As our clients, their properties and their neighbors are different - the result is always very different too. Sometimes we surprise ourselves.

How do you involve the community in your creative process following the bureau's statement "building not only for but especially with people"?

We reach out our hands.
ADIDAS world of sports by Caramel Architekten
You talk a lot about the importance of creativity, innovations and unusual designing solutions. Where do you usually get an inspiration?

You only have to keep your eyes open whatever you do and wherever you go. It is the life that teaches us not only the architecture.

What skills become the most important for architects today?

It is important to be open-minded and to be able to listen to people. Usually, the listening is not enough because you even need to hear unspoken things

What project has impressed you the most for the recent time?

"The happy show" by sagmeister/welsh.
Science Park Linz by Caramel Architekten
Text: Olena Vozniak