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Frames for Life—New housing concepts
in Helsinki

Speaker: Pia Ilonen (FIN)
Pia Ilonen has felt the pressure to personally influence how high-rise blocks are produced and designed today in Finland. Behind that pressure lies the frustration with the prevailing housing on offer and its uniformity. Increasingly greater adaptability and the ability to diverge from prevailing norms are required from an apartment in a high-rise building.

What if it was possible to get the apartment floor area as "raw space", so that it would be possible to arrange the residence to suit one's own needs? After having a lot of resistance against this idea, she succeeded in finding a way to realize a case study house, the Tila-building in Arabianranta — another one is under construction now. Pia Ilonen was invited to the Venice biennale 2018 "Freespace" international exhibition to show the case study house.

With her new office ILO architects Pia Ilonen is responsible of many public building transformation projects. The key words in all design processes are user-centered, economical and ecological. Concerning housing architecture, new strategies for producing an urban block has been her main interest for the last 10 years. A Green block of housing, presented in the Sustainable Nordic cities exhibition, is shown in the lecture.

*Organized with the support of The Nordic Council of Ministers and The Nordic Council.
In the framework of the exhibition Nordic Sustainable Cities.


7 November, 2019



Yaroslaviv Val Str. 14.
SET Gallery