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Lecture: "(Fr)agile project management "

Speaker: Igor Steinke (DE)
Date: 29.11.2018
Time: 19:00
City: Kyiv
Venue: Gallery DUCAT, Reytarska Street, 8B
Enter: free with registration
Language: English
Igor Steinke, Architect and MBA in Real Estate, works since 2016 for a major german international development cooperation organization in eastern Ukraine as project manager focused on construction works.

„(fr)agile project management" is an abstract from his work „agile project management in fragile contexts" (not published yet). Projects are defined by three elements: Output, Time and Resources — the project manager's job is to set these elements in ratio according to the client's needs. But how do you act if all three elements change during the project cycle? If your overall resources rise and shrink on a daily basis, or the output is reconsidered every few months? Usually we would call this kind of project environment toxic but the job needs to be done anyway. This lecture is not about revolutionary tools and approaches, about mindsets and scrum and kanban — it's about fragility of our daily work environment and how we could handle it without getting lost in process schemes. It's about sharing experiences and best practices, about absurdity and f*ck ups, but it's also an appeal to widen our horizons and borrow knowledge from other fields. And it's about how much we could learn from an ordinary roadside diner.
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