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Lecture "Is policy making in the field of housing possible in Ukraine?"

Lecturer Yegor Vlasenko
Date: 28.03.2018
Time: 19.00
City: Kyiv
Venue: Educatorium
Enter: free with registration
Language: Ukrainian
Why Ukraine still uses the Housing Code adopted in 1983? Why were attempts to develop a new concept of housing policy not successful, and the document of 1995 remains in use? And what would make essence of such concept in 2018?

Finally, the main question ­– is Ukrainian state, region or municipality capable of being a policy maker when it comes to housing?

Let's discuss these issues – not in their legal dimension, but rather from a perspective of overall logic and structure of the housing system.

Yegor Vlasenko has a MA degree in Economics from Kyiv National Economics University and MSc in Urban Studies from Malmö University. Yegor did an internship at Nordregio institute in Stockholm, has relevant experience of managing educational programs at Kyiv School of Economics and CANactions School for Urban Studies, and is currently an advisor of GIZ project "National Urban Development Policy in Ukraine". His research interests are human geographies of cities and institutional analysis of governance structures on municipal and regional levels.

Relevant publications:
1. Housing privatisation in post-socialist countries: reasons and preconditions

2. Development of cooperative forms of housing ownership in Ukraine

3. Ukrainian Housing Market – a State-Created Neoliberalism?

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