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Lecture "Five words about the transport problem of Kyiv"

Lector Dmitry Bespalov
Date: 25.10.2017
Time: 19.00
City: Kyiv
Venue: MediaHub,
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Language: Ukrainian
Every day, most of the citizens of Kyiv at least once think with cunning about the problems with transport in Kiev. Sometimes it's difficult to get from point A to point B, sometimes it's too long, sometimes impossible, and more often, it's just unpleasant.

It coincided that Dmitry Bespalov have a completely the same name as one popular preacher, so, in order for his blog to be recognizable in a web, he calls himself just as an "evangelist of transport modeling". Few specialists in Kyiv can boast such devotion and productivity in improving the transport of the capital.

On October 25, in MediaHub Dmitry will give a public talk about his vision of the roots and origins of key transport and infrastructure issues in the city. Some of them will probably make you very surprised. Also, all those who wish will be able to say their five words about the transport problems of Kiev, and together we will try to find their causes and solutions.
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