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Lecture "Dream, statement, utopia"

Lecturer Anton Oliynyk / BURØ
Date: 25.01.2018
Time: 19:00
City: Kyiv
Location: DUKAT, Reitarska St., 8B
Admission: by registration
Language: Ukrainian
Urbanization and robotization make the city project a major project of modernity. More and more people live in cities and create the greatest added value in megacities. Most countries have similar tax systems and conditions for doing business, so developed countries no longer compete with each other. Competition takes place between cities for a valuable resource - people. Money and people, reaching for the main magnet-bridge, speed up urbanization even more.

Each architectural project is different and relates to different spheres of life: economy, society, ecology or aesthetics and requires a personal decision. And everything is directed at the user, the inhabitant, the worker or the tourist.

The lecture will show BURØ projects of a different scale from the abandoned territories in Azerbaijan to house designs in the familiar locations of Kyiv.
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