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Lecture: "TRSHCHN platform. The phenomenon of sleeping district"

Speakers: Anastasiia Daniliuk, Daria Prydybailo-Pashchenko (UA)
Date: 22.11.2018
Time: 19:00
City: Kyiv
Venue: Gallery DUCAT, Reytarska Street, 8B
Enter: free with registration
Language: Ukrainian
The residential area Troyeshchyna is a vivid example of typical Soviet construction. The project had to solve a housing issue for 300 thousand inhabitants, therefore, it was based on a social dimension, to which the latest architectural and compositional solutions were applied, was perhaps the most ambitious example of the late modernist heritage.

However, like most of the sleeping areas built in Soviet era, Troyeshchyna remains a stigmatized and isolated cell in the context of a modern city. The lack of conditions for the growth of social and economic capital, limited opportunities for self-expression, geographical and cultural peripherality — are indicative transformations of post-Soviet reality. A few decades later, sleeping areas remain almost unchanged, and therefore can no longer meet the demands of the present. That is why the phenomenon of the sleeping area requires a new understanding, taking into account historical and social changes, as well as the introduction of new solutions for a high standard of living.

On November 22, we will talk about the phenomenon of a dormitory area based on the example of Troyeschina and present TRSHCHN platform, whose activities are aimed at conducting multidisciplinary research, the implementation of artistic projects and the promotion of grassroots initiatives. And also we will start a discussion about the possible transformation of the sleeping area.
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