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Lecture: Recreating an identity
(Nation building – The scenario post-independence in India)

Lecturer: Neha Korde
Date: 15.02.2018
Time: 19.00
City: Kyiv
Venue: MediaHub
Enter: free with registration
Language: English
Neha Korde is a participant of the CANactions School of Urban Studies ASIUD 2017/2018 educational program. An assistant Professor Sir at J. J. College of Architecture, Mumbai - MH India with a wide educational background in architecture and urban design.
Born in Bombay, now Mumbai – one of the busiest metro cities across the globe. After completing graduation from Sir J. J. College of Architecture have experienced the other influential institutions CEPT University, Ahmedabad and Bauhaus Germany while post-graduate studies. Worked as an architect in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Mumbai on projects as Secretariat building at Gujarat, institutions, commercial and residential projects along with also being a part of academics since a few years.

Brief description:
What has happened since 1991 around us in our Ukrainian cities? There is an urge and deliberate efforts to redefine our identity as a nation, people are encouraged and looking forward to opportunities to work on it. On the similar note, one of the Asian countries – India had also gone through this phase of post-independence, onwards to explore its own identity as a nation. This lecture will try to portray this journey through a series of events from most of the disciplines, which eventually lead to build that one image of India and continue to do it as a constant process. Plentiful different colors of India becomes one of the main parameters to embrace the lives of the inhabitant and control its own growth.
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