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Lecture "Is the landscape based on a geographical truth?"

Lecturer Bruno Tanant / Landscape architect, TN+ / FR
Date: December 14, 2017
Time: 19:00
City: Kyiv
Location: EDUCATORIUM, Reitarska St., 8B
Admission: by registration
Language: ENG
The influence of geography is essential, definitive. It always directs the gaze in an incessant movement where the comparison is permanent, where the comparison is impossible. But geography is not the landscape.

So we do not compare, we do not gauge, we confront. The confrontation becomes a reference.Then, the telescoping of places, of multiple and distant events, of emotions, lead my work towards a form of abstraction right and curves, colors, different and dissimilar geometries meet and assemble.

Geography is geometry. My work is born of geometry.

But what geography are we talking about? Is geography objective or support for objectivity? Is it totally subjective, because our eye is already transforming it? Is there a geographical truth? And what is this true if it is not geometry?

Bruno Tanant landscape architect from Paris, inviting the guests to discuss the issue of landscape architecture and urbanism.
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