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Lecture: "Changing Ruralities in Scandinavia"

Speakers: CANactions School (UA)
Date: 13.12.2018
Time: 19:00
City: Kyiv
Venue: National Art Museum of Ukraine, 6 Hrushevskogo St.,
Enter: free with registration
Language: Ukrainian
The CANactions School team is going to set off for an expedition to the south of Sweden and Denmark to explore how the traditional rural landscapes of the Eresund cross-border region are changing under the influence of municipal decisions, regional strategies and global economic and scientific ties.

We will share the chief sum-ups of the international forum for the rural lands development Nordregio in Lund, as well as the results of the field-trip carried out in the Swedish and Danish municipalities by the participants of the Integrated Spatial Planning for Amalgamated Hromadas program.

What are northern Europe rural areas expected for? How do peripheral Scandinavian cities and towns encourage young people to stay or come back? How can the experience of Denmark and Sweden be used in Ukraine? We welcome you to a discussion on these and other issues in the CANactions Public Program framework on December 13.

Integrated Spatial Planning for Amalgamated Hromadas program is organized by CANactions School for Urban Studies with support from U-LEAD with Europeprogramme.
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