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Lecture "Mental Rebuild" - Danish Days
in Kharkiv

Lector: Gitte Andersen / SIGNAL / Denmark
October 8
Kharkiv School of Architecture, Kharkiv, Kontorska str. 5
Functional. Edgy. Timeless. Minimalistic. These words encompass Danish architecture and design the best. Whether it is Danish buildings, furniture or clothing, it is internationally renowned for its clean, simple lines, great materials and classic creations that never go out of style.

On a larger scale, the recent architectural boom in Copenhagen has caught the eyes of international city planners. Copenhagen's architectural design is inspired by light, water, open spaces, and sustainability. Four to six-story buildings dominate the cityscape in the center of Copenhagen - not glass and steel skyscrapers found in many other capital cities. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is that the secrets of functional quality design and architecture are to be found at least as much inside of the building as on the outside.

At this year's Danish Days in Kharkiv especially, you will have the chance to explore the innovative characteristics of Danish interior design. The common principle for Danish interior design is "simply made for living": The functionality and interaction between people are at the top of the designers and architects' minds.
We have invited the founder of SIGNAL to talk about how to activate all the unused square meters in buildings in order to create better working and learning environments and facilities.

The lecturer and moderator of the event is Gitte Andersen, Global Head of Workspace Management and Design and founder of SIGNAL – A Global ISS Excellence Center. Through the years, Gitte has been a frequent lecturer, writer, and teacher. Lectures count numerous large, global organizations, the Danish state, and several municipalities, as well as stakeholder organizations within the building and property industry – DFM (Danish Facilities Management network), Estate Media conferences, conferences for working environments etc. Furthermore, Gitte has taught lectures at CBS Summerschool, KADK (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Architecture), Aarhus School of Architecture etc.

Potential audience:
- Executives of Ukrainian city administrations involved in urban development, urban design, and city planning;
- Activists who activities are connected to urban development/architecture;
- Urban entrepreneurs with strong interest in city development projects;
- Young Ukrainian professionals from the field of Urban Design, Urban Planning, Architecture, Interior Design;
- Developer companies.

Organized with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Ukraine.
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