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Ugly Walk Kyiv

Guide Irakli Zhvania / Georgia
October 7
25 participants
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How do specific buildings affect the quality of life in the city, its citizens and civil society as a whole? What is the individual experience of each building construction - from the perception of their architectural design and planning to social, environmental and psychological aspects? How are visual perceptions changing with the change of aesthetic values? Where does the natural landscape of the city manifest itself and how architectural heritage is preserved? These questions will become main during the tour through Kyiv in the format of `Ugly Walk` with Irakli Zhvania.

An ugly walk is an initiative founded in Tbilisi by NGO Iare Pekhit. Its initial goal was the promotion of pedestrian rights - and it is the easiest way to investigate their problem through the simple walk while trying to get around all the cars that have sunk the roads and sidewalks. However, it is impossible to consider cars as an isolated – we need a broad view of the disappointing picture of the whole city. In the last two decades, we see more and more concrete jungles and buildings deprived of any architectural value. Discussions during the Kiev Ugly
Walk will touch upon complex problems connected with political, social, and economic processes in society - and which create Ugly-look of the city.

The guide of the walk will be Irarkli Zhvania - one of the founders of the initiative Ugly Walk and Georgian architect and planner. In 2010/11 he had a Heinrich Boell Foundation fellowship to research urban and social changes in Tbilisi's historic district through commercial residential developments, which was selected for publishing in 2016. He was involved in the preservation of Tbilisi's built heritage and open spaces and was a member of Tbilisi Preservation Zone Council at the Ministry of Culture and Monument Preservation in 2013/14. He was a H. Humphrey program Fulbright fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT in 2014/15 at the Department of Urban Planning, School of Architecture and planning. For his professional affiliation, Irakli worked at the New York City Department of City Planning, Urban Design Division. Currently working in Georgia at the bureau `Geographic`, and also conducts programs for bachelors and masters in architecture at Georgian universities.
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