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Lecture: "Pleasuretecture. How senses
could reshape our communities?"

Speaker: Maciej Frąckowiak (PL)
School of Form
Date: 04.04
Time: 19:00
City: Kyiv
Venue: National Art Museum of Ukraine, 6 Hrushevskogo St.,
Enter: free with registration
Language: English
Contemporary cities increasingly face the problem of the disappearance of public spaces, which threatens their transformation into urbanized spaces. Shrinking of public spaces also threatens with the disappearance of local communities and neighborly social capital. No wonder then that we are observing more and more activities that are to animate the community, foster meetings and exchanges, and establish local relations. Most of them, however, seem to increase the problem rather than to solve it. Why? Because by designing urban spaces today, we want them too much to serve serious purposes, and we pay too little attention to making them pleasant, just to give joy to ones who are supposed to stay in them. In my speech, I will try to reclaim the pleasure as a design principle, and I will also show some examples that show it can work.

Maciej Frąckowiak is PhD, sociologist, researcher of the city, architecture and visual culture. Initiator and curator of community art in the urban public space. A member of the coordinating team of the Very Young Culture Program of the National Center for Culture (2016-2018). Currently researching socio-spatial transformations in German-Polish border areas (project funded by NCN-DFG). Editorial board member of the art&culture journal Notes na 6 tygodni. University Teacher at School of Form (Poznan).
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