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International architectural

CANactions is the organizer of various international architectural and urban competitions
since 2011.
International Commissioned Urban Design Blitz-Competition Concept of New Public Space for New Podil in Kyiv, Ukraine

2018 рік
We continue to introduce the practice of holding architectural competitions as an effective tool for urban development in Ukraine. The educational platform CANactions and RIVERSIDE / SAGA DEVELOPMENT in partnership with the Perfect Group are announcing a commissioned International Urban Design Blitz-Competition titled the Concept of New Public Space for New Podil in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Client: SAGA Development/Riverside Development in partnership with Perfect Group
Organizator: CANactions
Under support: Kyiv Organization of National Union of Architects in Ukraine, Podilska district state administration in the city of Kyiv, Magellan GIS
Format: The Competition is held as a commissioned one-round international urban design blitz-competition. The total of 5 expirienced foreign teams are taking part as the participants.

Competition Relevance
Podil is an important historical Kyiv district where the majority of the historical monuments are located. Most of the walking pathes cross the Podil yet not being integrated and organized along the Dnipro river and other picturesque Podil areas because of limited by former industrial zones access. Nowadays, private companies set up for erecting mixed-use residentional areas on the former industrial plots, despite the fact that the existing recreational, public and tourist infrastructure remain unintegrated into the overall spatial context. In order to solve this issue it was decided to hold a competition for the best development of the public space of New Podil concept , which will become a catalyst for the new use of these territories and will allow its organically integration into urban fabric.

Competition Purpose
To identify the best project offers of comfortable public space of New Podil, which will meet the needs of the territory users and activate a new district as well as to propose a number of new connections that will integrate the new district into the urban fabric.

Competition Tasks
■ to convert former warehouse and industrial areas into a new public space with elements of public, tourism, recreational infrastructure;
■ to integrate the competition site into the existing historical and cultural urban environment context;
■ to create a comprehensive spatial program for the public space, including the embankment, the boulevard and the square;
■ to consider the including of the new public space in the existing pedestrian routes and thus to expand the pedestrian ring;
■ to offer solutions that can be transformed for different activities and formats of use in the summer and winter seasons by all the population groups.
Competition Agenda
28.02.2018 — announcement of the competition designing start
20.04.2018 — winner announcement at the International Architecture Festival CANactions 2018 and public presentation of the competition participants
20-21.04.2018 — exhibition of the projects at the International Architecture Festival CANactions 2018.
Ken Smith — Ken Smith Workshop, USA
Louise Fiil Hansen — SLA, Norway
Mirjam Niemeyer — helsinkizurich, Germany/Switzerland
Martijn de Wit — Amsterdam Cityhall, Netherlands
Andriy Vavrysh — CEO SAGA Development, Ukraine
Hanna Bondar — art historian, architect, executor of Chief Architect of Kyiv in 2015-2016, Ukraine
Yuriy Khudyakov — architect, Honored architect of Ukrainian SSR, People's Architect of Ukraine, Ukraine
The winner announcement and projects exhibition will take place in frame of the CANactions International Architecture Festival 2018 in Kyiv on April, 20-21.
International architectural closed blitz-competition Engineering-architectural design of pedestrian and bicycle bridge between parks "Khreshchatiy" and "Volodymyrska Girka" in the city of Kyiv

Department for Urban Planning And Architecture the Executive Body of Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration)

The purpose of the Competition
The Competition aim to identify the best proposal of an engineering and architectural design of the pedestrian and bicycle bridge between the parks Khreshchatyi and Volodymyrska Hirka in Pecherskyi and Shevchenkivskyi districts of the city of Kyiv.

Competition objectives
■ to attract attention of professionals and the general public to the need to improve the main tourist pedestrian and bicycle route from Volodymyrska Hirka to Kyiv Pechersk Lavra along the Dnieper riverside;
■ to engage the best domestic and foreign experts – architects and engineers – in the field of bridge construction with relevant experience, in the competition process and organization thereof;
■ to identify, on a competitive basis, the best ideas and project designers of the
pedestrian and bicycle bridge between the parks Khreshchatyi and Volodymyrska Hirka.

Construction site
Project sector belongs to central planning area of Kyiv city, located within boundaries of Pecherskyi and Shevchenkivskyi administrative districts half kilometre away from Maidan Nezalezhnosti.
It is located at the break of Kraika: main tourist route along the banks of the Dnieper river on the break of relief with faraway landscapes and divides two parks: Volodymyrska Hirka and Khreshchatyi.
Jury & Technical Experts
■ Sergiy Tselovalnik – main architect of Kyiv, vice-president of National Union of
Architects of Ukraine.
■ Alexander Bouryak - Ph. D., Professor, chair head in Kharkov National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.
■ Jenny B. Osuldsen - landscape architect Snohetta, Norway
■ George L. Legendre - architect IJP, UK
■ Miguel Rosales - structural engineer, Rosales + Partners, USA
■ Uwe Burkhardt -structural engineer, Schlaich Bergermann und Partner,

Technical Experts:
■ Kudelin A. - chief deputy of Department of Urban planning and Architecture (Kyiv City State Administration);
■ Simonenko O. - adviser of the Head of the Department of Kyiv State Administration regarding Strategy of Kyiv Development till 2025
■ Bondar A. - coordinator of strategic initiative "Dnieper Pearl", head of the decoration department and Landscape architecture in the Department of Urban planning and Architecture.
■ Gusakov V. - president of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine
■ Priymak V. - principal architect of an architectural bureau "ArchiDesignbureau"
■ Lishanskyi E. - director-General of the Institute 'MiskCivilProekt"
■ Ablesimov A. - deputy of Director of Technical-Science centre of subsurface exploration
■ Semenova K. - member of Bicycle association of Kyiv
■ Novikov A. - partner of the consulting company "Dialog -classic"
■ Popolznyuk O. - member of the UPSPU National assembly of physically challenged people of Ukraine
Open international urban planning competition "Dniper Pearls": Concept of preservation and development of Kyiv Islands

Promoter :
Municipal enterprise "Kyivsystem management" (Kyiv City State Administration)

Coordinator :
Main Department of Urban planning and Architecture (Kyiv City State Administration)

With the support of:
National Union of Architects of Ukraine

The aim of the Competition is to define the best proposal and authors for the preservation and development of Kyiv Islands.

The competition objectives
■ to draw professional and public attention to the current unsatisfactory condition of Kyiv islands;
■ to suggest effective solutions to this problem based on principles of responsible attitude to environment, the place itself, and future generations;
■ to encourage the best national and foreign experts in architecture, urban planning, ecology and environmental protection to take part in the Competition or its organization;
■ to consolidate the efforts of the authorities, experts and general public and set a precedent of their transparent and fruitful collaboration.
Jury & Technical Experts
■ Kramarenko Ruslan - Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration/ Ukraine;
■ Tselovalnyk Sergiy - Head of Main Department of Urban planning and Architecture (Kyiv City State Administration), chief architect of Kyiv;
■ Shevchenko Volodymyr - architect, design bureau "V. Shevchenko"/ Ukraine;
■ Andreas Pedersen - BIG/ Denmark;
■ Lorenz Dexler - Topotek 1/ Germany;
■ Theo Hauben - "Hauben Architecture & Urbanism"/ Netherlands;
■ Jan Neuteling - "Neutelings Riedijk architecture" / The Netherlands.

Work group of technical experts:
■ Vavrysh A.- Main Department of Urban planning and Architecture (Kyiv City State Administration), head of the Work Group;
■ Kudelin A. - Main Department of Urban planning and Architecture (Kyiv City State Administration);
■ Zotov V. - member of Kyiv board of the National union of architects of Ukraine, professional consultant;
■ Malenkov R.- director of "Centre of ecological monitoring"
Open international architectural competiton "Urban Landscaping in Kyiv within the Framework of Preparation for Euro-2012"

Architecture and Urban Design are launching a Competition for the best urban landscape design of the central area of Kyiv within the framework of preparation for UEFA Football Championship – Euro-2012 and for more distant future.

The Competition is supported by Canactions international youth architectural festival, National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Architectural Club.

The Aim of the Competition
The Competition aims to define the best urban landscaping design and its authors, guided by the principles of sustainability, and to provide necessary conditions for its realization.

Main Objectives of the Competition
■ to highlight the importance of the area in questions and acknowledge its resources;
■ to draw the attention of professionals and general public to the poor state of urban landscape in the central part of the city;
■ to suggest effective solutions to this problem, making good use of the European experience, and adopting a responsible attitude to Nature, City and future generations, with the prospects for European integration;
■ to create a precedent of a project on the basis of competition, which is new for Kyiv; to ensure high professional level of its results by means of involving remarkable Ukrainian and foreign specialists both as participants and members of the jury;
■ to provide conditions for the realization of the winning project.

The most significant and valuable central part of Kyiv is a unique "necklace" of architectural monuments and glimpses of picturesque natural landscape. This territory boasts of a number of remarkable sights:
Kontraktova, Lvivska, Poshtova, Mykhaylivska, Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence square), European square, Arsenalna, Ploshcha Slavy (Square of Fame), Andriya Pervozvanogo, Konstitucii;
Khreshchatyk, M. Grushevskogo, I.Mazepi, Naberezhne shosse, Petra Sagaidachnogo, Blizhnopecherska, Andryivsky uzviz, Dniprovsky uzviz, Volodymyrsky uzviz;
Muzeina, Petrivska, Parkova, Peyzazhna, Geroiv Krut (Landscape alley);
■ green zones:
unique landmarks of Kyiv landscape – the Dnieper slopes, the edge and the parks.
Jury & Technical Experts
Representative Jury:
■ Oleksandr Popov - Head of Kyiv City State Administration /Kyiv, Ukraine
■ Michail Kuchuk - Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration
■ Igor Dobrutsky - Director of Capital City Initiatives NGO

Architectural Jury:
■ Sergiy Tselovalnyk - main architect of Kyiv, vice-president of National Union of Architects of Ukraine
■ Igor Sokolov - Architect, Deputy of Ministery Minregionbud / Ukraine
■ Volodymyr Shevchenko - architect, "V.Shevchenko" / Ukraine
■ Andreas Klok Pedersen - BIG / Denmark
■ Lorenz Dexler - Landscape Architect Managing Director TOPOTEK 1 / Germany
■ Fabian Hormann - EM2N / Switzerland
■ Vassily Popov - Popov Architecten / the Netherlands

Working Group of Technical Experts:

■ Chorniy А. – deputy head of Central Agency for Urban Planning and Architecture, head of the Working team;
■ Vorobyov V. – general manager of "Kyivdormostproject" (Kyiv Project Institute for the Construction of Roads and Bridges),expert in transport infrastructure;
■ Dyomin М. – head of the department at Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, urban design expert;
■ Lositsky Y. – director of "Institute KyivProjectRestauration" PLC, expert in cultural heritage protection;
■ Osmak V. - historic of Kyiv, postgraduate NAUKMA, expert in Kyivs history;
■ Savin К. – head of Heinrich Böll Foundation's office in Ukraine, public relations expert;
■ Klykova L. – president of the International union of landscape des-igners, expert in landscape architecture;
■ Vasylyuk О. – deputy head of the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, expert in environmental issues;
■ Bokovoi V. – main geologist of Special department of anti-landslide underground works;
■ Shpara I. - president of National Union of architects in Ukraine, expert in architecture;
■ Pryimak V. – expert in architecture;
■ Zhezherin V. - president of Kyivs region of National Union of architects in Ukraine, expert in architecture;
■ Grechuh O. - architect, expert in architecture;
■ Zotov V. – member of Kyiv board of the National union of architects of Ukraine, curator international architectural youth festival CANactions, professional consultant;