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Cartographer /
GIS Analyst

CANactions School for Urban Studies is looking for a cartographer / GIS analyst with skills and experience in GIS, cartography and in dealing with geo-data and quantitative analysis. The specialist will primarily work in a research project focused on rural and peri-urban areas in Ukraine, and will also prepare datasets and maps for educational programs of CANactions school.

Expected skills and attributes:

■ experience in collecting data from Ukrainian and European statistical institutes, especially for socio-economic indicators at regional and municipal levels;

■ good knowledge of GIS and Illustrator software, experience in creation of new cartographical materials (from shapefiles to thematic maps);

■ ability to process and harmonize geo-data and create geo-datasets;

■ knowledge of Ukrainian territorial policies;

■ research interest in the fields of urban and rural studies;

■ experience with GIS-programming and open-source solutions is a plus

The deadline to apply for the position is at 23:59 EET on May 1, 2018.
First name
Last name
City of Residence
Date of birth
Statement of motivation (up to 500 words).
Test: create a thematic map. Basing on a case of Kremenchuk agglomeration (Кременчуцька_агломерація): 1) create a map of appropriate scale that would highlight agglomeration borders against administrative borders of oblasts, rayons and amalgamated hromadas (об’єднана територіальна громада, ОТГ); 2) develop 3 key takeaways for further spatial analysis of transport infrastructure and natural environment of the targeted area. Expected product: a map with a text block with written takeaways of spatial analysis. Format: single JPEG file.