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How was the 12th
International Architecture Festival CANactions

How was the 12th International Architecture Festival CANactions
On May 17-18, 2019, the 12th International Architecture Festival CANactions was held in Kyiv. This year it was focused on an exploration of a notion of "Hromada" — Ukrainian name for the Community.
Lectures by well-known architects and specialists in urban development, architours, master classes, exhibitions and installations, kids program, discussions and presentations created an incredible atmosphere of unity and celebration.
The festival took place on the riverfront of the Dnipro River, on the territory of Kyiv Riverport. The industrial zone became a place of meeting, debating and a dialogue of those who are interested in the development of the city or connected with this sphere. This year's festival gathered a big hromada of like-minded people, united by the common goal—to create the conditions for a better and more comfortable life of the community. During the two days, the event was attended by more than 3000 guests from different parts of Ukraine and abroad.

Architour around the most significant and the most beautiful spots of Kyiv along the Dnipro River with Klaus Overmeyer / Urban Catalyst GmbH and David Bravo Bordas / CCCB turned into a constructive discussion about the restoring access to the embankment and the importance of exploring the territory from the water.

Master class 'Happiness in urban planning' by Grisha Zotov / Architectural Prescription devoted to the happiness as the determining factor in urban planning on the example of the Concept of spatial development of the Kytaiv territory.
During the Festival was held the presentation of the deliverables of the whole series of Program Workshops of Integrated Spatial Planning for Amalgamated Hromadas Program, organized by CANactions School with support from ULEAD with Europe. Moreover, CANactions School Program Curator Mirjam Niemeyer presented the upcoming 2019/2020 Program 'Creating homes for tomorrow'. It will take place in 4 cities in western, northern and central Europe and explore their innovative approaches for creating more livable neighborhoods.
Diverse lecture program of the festival was attended by: Jord den Hollander / International Film Festival Rotterdam - IFFR, David Bravo Bordas / CCCB (ES), Yana Golubeva / MLA+ (RU), Klaus Overmeyer / Urban Catalyst GmbH (DE), Stephan Sigrist / W.I.R.E. (CH), Viggo Haremst / Henning Larsen (DK), Michelle Provoost/ Independent School for the City (NL), Polina Bachlakova / SPACE10 (DK), Leon Fanjul Manuel / Traumnovelle (BE), Viktor Zotov / ZOTOV & CO (UA), Reinier de Graaf /OMA (NL), Sinus Lynge / EFFEKT (DK).

The discussion format was also popular this year. 'Integrated Development of Podilskyi District—about the experience of implementing a project in a specific district of Kyiv. 'Architect's success: between common and personal values'—how to find a balance between morality and business. 'Getting fit for global urban challenges'—about the role of non-formal education in studying the complexity of modern urbanized territories

The festival space was saturated with interactive exhibitions and video installations: POLIS: SEVEN LESSONS FROM THE EUROPEAN PRIZE FOR URBAN PUBLIC SPACE from the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), HROMADAS OF UKRAINE from CANactions School, and HROMADA, which united 16 organizations and initiatives from various European countries, which presented projects connected with the common goal of developing and improving the community's life.

Among the participants: CANactions School, Платформа Острів, Інститут розвитку міст, The Center for Spatial Technologies, Хора, All Things Urban, U-Cycle, Минская урбанистическая платформа, CEDOS, MetaLab, Streetscape Territories Research Practice та KU Leuven Campus Sint Lucas Brussels, Харківська Школа Архітектури, ZOTOV&CO, Розуміти Радянський Поділ, urban curators, future renovation map, Alex Bykov.
One of the highlights of the festival was the lecture and presentation of the Ukrainian edition of "Four Walls and Roof" by Reinier de Graaf. It was published by CANactions publishing house with the support of SAGA Development and the community of benefactors. The audience met Reinier de Graaf with violent applause, and his lecture received great resonance.

Traditionally, the finalists of the Youth Competition 2019 were awarded the framework of the festival. They received the great prizes from DIA Dessau, MLA+, EASA Ukraine and ArchDaily.

The presentation of the Concept of the Podilsky Embankment from Agenty Zmin and Andriy Vavrysh, CEO of SAGA Development, which showed concrete projects through which it will be implemented.

Viktor Zotov, a founder of Architectural Bureau ZOTOV&CO, presented the Concept of the IT Park "Generation" in Sobache Gy'rlo, Kyiv.
During two days, together with the Arch4Kids Kids Architectural Studio, young architects learned to talk to each other, to find the common and to create.

A great surprise for all the guests of the festival was the opportunity to get to the location by ships that rode from the River Station to Riverport. Another gift was made by the print agency 24print, the special partner of the festival, creating a community of the CANactions Festival, by printing the photos of visitors. directly on the site.

We are very grateful to all the visitors, speakers, participants, guests, partners of CANactions Festival 2019 for the incredible holiday, great impressions, wonderful atmosphere, and unforgettable memories! In these two days, we have become a real active and motivated HROMADA. That was amazing!
Photo: Margo Didichenko

Text: Olena Vozniak