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Alternative Models for Housing of Tomorrow

19:00, 19 December, 2019
admission by registration
Volodymyrska Str. 43, Kyiv
Various development questions influence the urban fabric, the neighborhoods and the living environments in a city. The challenge is to translate the impact of these questions and to what kind of development themes they are leading. Looking at each of the chosen cities Amsterdam, Zurich, Helsinki and Kyiv in detail, in some cities certain themes are more relevant than others depending on its economic, societal and political situation. Keeping all the relevant questions for living environments in cities in mind, we focus in each city on the themes which seem to be most relevant in comparison to the other cities. During the Project Reviews Part I we are going to present the research and projects outcomes on the following themes—Affordability, Inclusiveness, Accommodation of Growth, Minimal living and Quality of Life.

Romea Muryn, Program Director / CANactions School
Nikita Bielokopytov / Architect
Daria Rosh / Architect
Daryna Pyrygova / Sociologist
Marta Popyk / Lawyer
Yelyzaveta Redkina / Architect
Uliana Dzhurliak / Architect
Olena Ruban / Architect