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International Commissioned Urban Design Blitz-Competition Concept of New Public Space for New Podil in Kyiv, Ukraine

We continue to introduce the practice of holding architectural competitions as an effective tool for urban development in Ukraine. The educational platform CANactions and RIVERSIDE / SAGA DEVELOPMENT in partnership with the Perfect Group are announcing a commissioned International Urban Design Blitz-Competition titled the Concept of New Public Space for New Podil in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The urgency of the competition
Podil is an important historical district of Kyiv, where an ultimate number of the city historical monuments is located.

The great part of the pedestrian walking routes passes through Podil, but for most of them it is impossible to close up and reach the Dnipro river as well as the other Podil areas. The cause is the existence of the former industrial areas that limit the access to the walking routes.
Nowadays the private companies start the development of the mixed-use residential areas in place of the former industrial sites, but still the existing recreational, community and tourist infrastructure is not integrated into this territory.
This urban design competition is aiming to find comprehensive solutions to this problem, by means of developing the New Podil public space concept. The New Public Space shall become a catalyst for the new uses of these territories and will enable the integration of the new districts into urban fabric.
The purpose of the competition
To identify the best project of comfortable public space of the New Podil, which will meet the needs of the territory users and activate the new residential district, as well as propose the new connections that will integrate the new district into the urban fabric.
Objectives of the competition:
– to attract professionals and general public to the need of improvement of one of the main pedestrian routes within the city
– to engage to the Competition and its organization the best national and international experts in spheres of architecture and urban planning
– to reveal the best ideas and authors of the project of New Public Space for New Podil on a competitive basis.

Expected results
The competition project shall:
– connect the New Podil to the Old Podil by means of building the comprehensive connection between public spaces and local urban icons
– organize the compound pedestrian traffic between the Dnipro slopes, former industrial sites and the Dnipro waterfront
– provide unhindered access to the Dnipro River
– enhance the architectural and spatial environment of the city.

List of the Jury:
Andriy Vavrysh – CEO SAGA Development, Ukraine
Hanna Bondar – art historian, architect, executor of Chief Architect of Kyiv in 2015-2016, Ukraine
Yuriy Khudyakov – architect, Honored architect of Ukrainian SSR, People's Architect of Ukraine, Ukraine
Louise Fiil Hansen – SLA, Norway
Mirjam Niemeyer – helsinkizurich, Germany/Switzerland
Ken Smith – Ken Smith Workshop, USA
Martijn de Wit – urban designer, City of Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Organizer has invited 5 foreign teams consisting of professionals with the appropriate level of expertise to
participate in the Competition.

Objectives of the competition:
28.02.2018 – announcement of the competition designing start
20.04.2018 – participants presentation and winner announcement
20-21.04.2018 - exhibition of the projects at the CANactions Festival 2018

Client: SAGA Development in partnership with Perfect Group
Organizer: CANactions

The competition is held with the support of the Podolsky Regional State Administration of the Kyiv City Organization of the NSAU.
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