national architectural open PROJECT competition



"Youth Competition" is the national architectural open competition without fee for participation.
Our main goal is to integrate Ukrainian students and alumni with profile education in the global architectural context.

The competition is held in two stages:
1st stage - selection of top-10 projects by international jury voting;
2st stage - presentation of top-10 partisipants during the Festival, determination of winners and award.

18.01.2018 - 09.03.2018

application process
09.03.2018 | 23:59 EET

application deadline
10.03.2018 - 02.04.2018

jury voting 1st stage

10 finalists' announcement

finalists' presentation in the framework of the CANactions Festival 2018

jury voting 2nd stage and winners announcement

  • the competition is open for students and graduates of Architectural departments of Ukrainian institutions of higher education, specialization - Architecture;
  • bachelor's degree is necessar;
  • age restriction - up to 35 years, inclusively;
  • english skills are necessary;
  • author or member of the collective can participate;
  • CANactions team members cannot participate.

  • one participant may submit any amount of projects, but need to fill out the form for each project;
  • the theme and scope of architectural projects is not limited;
  • competition is open for graduates projects as well as competitions, studios and other types projects not later than 2015
  • finalist projects from 2009 to 2017 cannot be submitted one more time on the Competition;
  • only one author (with involvement not least 33%) from authorship collective can submit the project; in this case, the participant need to send to organizers scanned copy of the collective members' agreemen


PRIZE* from DIA (Dessau Institute of Architecture) - the opportunity to study in Master Degree

4 Semester Tuition Waiver + 1 flight return per year to Ukraine

* Review regarding the grade average after 1st Year. If it is below 2.0 the scholarship ends altogether including any flights.

PRIZE* - from EASA (Europe Architecture Students Assembly) - participation in workshop in summer 2018, Croatia

* No entry fee and providing accommodation, meals, and other facilities for all days of event

PRIZE from London Festival of Architecture - the opportunity to present the project on the first London Festival of Architecture symposium.
PRIZE from reSITE - free participation in all events in June 14-15, Prague

DE/ EUROPAN 13 winner
Christian Eickelberg
PT / Future A winner
Tiago Torres Campos
SL / Future A winner
Milos Kosec
GB / Future A winner
Ania Molenda
ES/ Future A winner
Víctor Cano Ciborro
DE/ Youth Competition 2015 winner
Vasylysa Shchogoleva
UA/ Youth Competition 2014 winner
Valentyn Sharovatov
UA/ Youth Competition 2013 winner
Olena Dzhula-Reifschneider
UA / Youth Competition 2012 winner
Ievgeniya Biriukova
If you'll have any questions - please, contact us
competition coordinator - Margo Didichenko