CANactions School
CANactions School for Urban Studies is an experimental education institution established in 2015 and based in Kyiv (Ukraine). Our programs are aimed at the exploration, identifying concepts and defining actions for urban development of Ukrainian cities — on strategic as well as tactical levels — considered in a wider context of dynamic transformations in Central-Eastern Europe and developing countries at large.
CANactions School Educational Principles
Interdisciplinary Approach
Teamwork and Experiential Learning
Project-based Learning
Strategic Approach to Urban Design and Spatial Planning
Cooperation with a vast net of international experts and institutions
CANactions School Educational Programs are designed for

■ Representatives of agencies for urban development and city institutes
■ Open-minded executives of city administrations involved in urban development, urban design, and/or city planning
■ Activists, representatives of NGOs which activities connected to urban development
■ Urban entrepreneurs with strong interest in city development projects
■ Young professionals from the field of Urban Design, Urban Planning, Architecture, and Civil Engineering who have at least 2-3 years of work experience
■ Critical thinking researchers and professionals with background in Economics, Political and Cultural Studies, Journalism, Sociology, and other related fields who are interested in the exploration of current urban conditions in Ukraine and Central-Eastern European countries.
CANactions School Programs